A Guide for Reducing Warehouse Costs

You certainly know that warehouse management is vital in your supply chain. It assists with the optimisation of your processes while providing inventory profitability. To secure any kind of success, it’s important to reduce…

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Hanel Innovation Leaders Hero
Hanel Storage Named Innovation Leaders

We are pleased to announce that our storage division partners, Hanel, have been named as innovation leaders in Germany! Their range of office and industrial automated storage solutions have been recognised for their leading…

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Meet Stopa
Meet STOPA: Warehouse Management Experts

Customer-Specific Warehouse Management There are many options out there in terms of Warehouse Management systems – which to choose? Not every solution is a one-size-fits-all, which can make the process of making the switch…

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Proper Sheet Metal Storage Hero
The Importance of Proper Sheet Metal Storage

Who knew storage was so important? Careful, secure storage of sheet metal goods is crucial to avoid damage or injury to workers. If you aren’t using an automated storage system, for your sheet metal…

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Headland Partners with Stopa Storage Solutions

The Headland & Stopa Difference With the rise of Industry 4.0, manufacturing technology is changing at a rapid pace, transforming all stages in the manufacturing process. Storage is one of the areas affected –…

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