Secure Your Office Archive With Hänel Storage Systems

A vertical carousel storage system with maximum ergonomics, optimum space usage and efficient cost reductions

The Hänel Rotomat Office is a vertical carousel storage system that brings quality, cutting-edge technology to workplaces and offices secure document storage. Thanks to its compact design, the Rotomat provides a vast storage volume of a small footprint. Costly office or industrial space is used efficiently, making the most of available room height and creating up to 60% more filing capacity.

The vertical carousel storage system is user-friendly, working on a Ferris wheel principle, e.g the archives come to the operator, not the operator to the archives. This ensures optimum workplace safety; there is no more bending, ladder climbing or walking long distances to reach and search for documents.

The Hänel Eco-Mode ensures that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum, by allowing the user to switch to different standby modes.

Quality starts with consulting, and by combining your requirements alongside our wealth of experience, we develop a complete tailor-made solution to cater for your needs.



How will a Hänel Rotomat® Office vertical carousel storage system benefit my business?

60% more document storage capacity due to its compact design and use of available room height.
  • Flexibility and ease, with high-performance controllers and interface with IT systems. The option of multiple access points on different floors is also available.
  • Speed up processes, as the requested part or tool is brought automatically to the ergonomic retrieval height in just seconds.
  • Safer working environment; no ladder-climbing and no risk of accidents.
  • Stored items are protected from dust, light and unauthorised access.
  • Elegant design with five colours to choose from. Customised finishes are possible.
Key Features
  • Uses room height to free up floor space for more desks.
  • Lock and password protected for secure document storage.
  • Superior design requiring no scheduled maintenance, which is unique in the industry.
  • Fully integrated controller with built in warehouse inventory management system.
  • 400-V three-phase motors. Pole-switching three-phase motors are used as standard, enabling gentle but powerful acceleration and braking.
  • Maximum safety ensured by using patented safety threshold switches and light-barrier curtains compliant with DIN EN 15095.

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