Vertical Storage Solution For Industries

Hänel automated storage retrieval systems find applications across a number of industries, thanks to their flexibility and versatility. The user-friendly systems provide a safe working environment and a high storage density on a small footprint. Our industry experts are always on hand to help develop the right tailor-made solution for your business.

Logistics & Distribution

Companies within the logistics and distribution industry need to provide an efficient and cost effective service through increased use of innovative operational and technological solutions.

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Global brands use and rely upon vertical carousels and Lean-Lift technologies from Hänel. The Lean-Lift® and the Rotomat® are incredibly popular storage choices within the automotive sector due to their flexibility and ease.

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The Lean-Lift creates ease and efficiency within the manufacturing sector, storing a variety of part sizes and making them readily available with multiple access points across the warehouse.

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According to PwC and Oxford Economics, investment in the Australian railway and airport infrastructure will approximately double by 2025. Utilising automated storage solutions will achieve reduced downtime and improve workflow consistency.

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Energy & Utilities

Innovation plays a key role within the oil and gas industry and across the wider energy supply chain, therefore reliable machines are essential in the process of keeping the nation up-and-running with energy and utilities.

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Aerospace & Defence

The worldwide aerospace and defence industry is expected to return to growth in 2016 with total sector revenues estimated to grow at 3%. New technologies are believed to be fuelling increases in aircraft production, defence budgets and the global supply chain.

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Services & Finance

The Hänel Rotomat® Office carousel brings modern automated storage and retrieval solutions for offices. Improvements to daily administration duties and re-ordering office supplies are achieved quickly and efficiently.

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With Hänel automated vertical storage solutions, employees can easily access information or equipment due to the multiple access points within the system.

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Food and Beverage

There has been an increase in demand for vertical carousels and storage systems across the supply chain in the food sector in recent years thanks to the range of benefits they bring to the industry.

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