Safely storing chemicals, apparatus and records is of high importance in the scientific sector, along with the need for a protective environment for storing sterile equipment. With Hänel carousel shelving systems, laboratory technicians can easily access information or equipment due to the multiple access points within the system.

Industry Benefits:
  • Prompt retrieval of apparatus.
  • Integrated controller guarantees that chemicals and materials stored in Hänel vertical shelving systems are not kept past their expiry date.
  • All materials and apparatus retrieved can be logged and traced back to their respective users.
  • Storage categories can be assigned to relevant staff.
  • Hänel Rotomat vertical shelving systems store, secure and protect thousands of instruments.
  • Chemicals and materials can be selected by barcode or storage number to be withdrawn from the machines.
  • Antimicrobial surface finish for sterile environments.
  • Sealing used on the machines provides optimum permeability.
Industry Applications:
  • Heavy anodised aluminium containers can be easily stored alongside sterilised surgical instruments.
  • Pathology specimens can be stored in Hänel carousel shelving systems.
  • Retrieval points can be set on multiple levels in hospitals with several floors.
  • Access areas can be installed in the operating rooms for surgical instruments.
  • Temperature sensitive supplies can be stored thanks to ClimateStore® technology.

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