Global brands such as BMW, Audi, Mini, Porsche and Rolls Royce use and rely upon carousel shelving and Lean-Lift technologies from Hänel. The Lean-Lift and the Rotomat are incredibly popular storage choices within the automotive sector due to their flexibility and ease.


carousel shelving

  • Inventory control on a minimum footprint at both your warehouse and dealership.
  • Save time looking for specific tools and spare parts.
  • Store spare parts within the carousel shelving system alongside production line tools safely and securely.
  • No more late night picking; engineers will have direct access to the repair workshop.
  • Protect all components from dust, dirt and unauthorised access.
  • Spare parts are stored in a clean environment.
  • Easily store parts of all sizes in one place.
  • Retrieve accessories immediately on your dealership floor.


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