Hänel Warehouse Storage and Inventory Management Systems

We provide a range of specialist warehouse storage solutions and storage management environments through advanced Hänel microprocessor controller units, offering complete warehouse management systems, high speed batch picking, tool management processing and more. With state-of-the-art control and software solutions you will gain optimum transparency over your warehouse storage systems.

When it comes to lift controllers and software, Hänel’s lift and inventory management systems are deceptively advanced and versatile.

warehouse storage solutions

Advanced Integrated Control System

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is configured with the integrated Hänel industrial touch-screen controller. This robust and compact unit with embedded firmware incorporates all the control systems for the lift and managing your inventory, without needing any additional computer or software.

The dedicated design improved efficiency and operator productivity, while not requiring a PC means there is no software or computer management duties required, no exposure to virus’ etc and no ongoing software or PC maintenance costs.

The integrated Hanel controller can be switched to one of several modes including a comprehensive integrated Warehouse Management System, with all software embedded in the controller and all modes available at any time at no cost.

All modes have a simple method of software integration providing you with a broad range of options to integrate your own software platform into your new Hänel automated storage environment.



Hänel offers special software solutions for every application:

Integrated Inventory Management System

Standalone or communicating inventory data and orders with your system.

Remote (Host) Inventory Management

Sending pick orders to the lift using your own inventory management.

Remote Control

Tightly integrate the Hanel lifts with other machinery such as robotics and conveyor systems.

Web Interface

Switch to Web mode and the lift controller screen becomes a web page – utilising standard website design tools (HTML) display your own screen design.

Make your own

Using advanced software tools such as HTTP SOAP/XML protocols that control the lift and screen display in any manner you choose or display your ERP or WMS directly at the lift controller screen – no PC required.


For those environments that need a more powerful Warehouse Management System to manage inventory throughout the warehouse not just in the Hanel lifts, HänelSoft® is a powerful software package that can be tailored to each customer’s needs thanks to useful configuration options and a range of standard modules. Learn More

Batch Picking

The most advanced batch picking in the industry – continuous batch picking from any number of lifts (or racks & shelves) any number of pickers, any number of orders, all processed simultaneously. Combined with other Hänel software modules provides complete warehouse management solutions for high-speed order fulfilment and shipping, all possible with fully-integrated storage systems from Hänel.

Hänel Tool Management

Dedicated tool management software can be activated in the Hänel controller firmware. Tools can be requested or put into storage by entering an article number or using a barcode scanner, to avoid confusion with similar looking tools. In addition to numerical data, Hänel Tool Management processes and stores information about components, complete tools and tool lists in all the customary data formats.

Hänel File Management

Dedicated file management software for office documentation environments can be activated in the Hänel controller firmware. The ideal solution for your physical documentation management.

Data Exchange

Hänel’s integrated control systems support data exchange between the lifts and your host ERP/WMS company software, without any additional middleware.

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