Aerospace and Defence

Industrial storage solutions to aid companies to meet growing business demands are imperative in the aerospace and defence industry. Deloitte Global reported that this worldwide industry is expected to return to growth in 2016 with total sector revenues estimated to grow at 3%. Passenger travel demand is vastly increasing, while new technologies and security threats are thought to be fuelling increases in aircraft production, defence budgets and the global supply chain.

Industry Benefits:
  • Store a range of items in one place.
  • Tracking and user traceability ensure safe and secure storage of all high value parts and components.
  • The environment is clean and controlled.
  • Multiple access and loading points are available for heavy goods.
  • Journal logging, access control and picture capture of all storage goods allows for full inventory control.
Industry Applications:
  • Locate the machine directly in your aircraft hangar.
  • Spare parts and tooling equipment are stored with fast batch picking, all in one location.

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