High-Performance Inventory Management Software for Vertical Racking Systems

HänelSoft® offers a variety of functions for efficient storage management:

This software allows Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space® units to be managed, as well as other types of systems such as rack and pallet stores. A standardised host interface enables data exchange with any type of materials management system.


Key Features:
  • Master data management for recording the article number, name and additional information, to define storage strategies.
  • Interface to the Hänel storage systems: request items/parts directly at the MP control unit.
  • Pick and put operations based on article properties and storage strategy.
  • Minimum inventory.
  • Information and analysis on the screen or on printout.
  • Host interface for manual data import and export.
  • Management of manual storerooms.
  • Manages and controls any required number of storage units with minimal IT expense and maximum storage convenience.
  • Operators work directly at the storage units.
  • Prioritised storage location search in front of the corresponding storage unit.
  • Data exchange with ERP systems.ms.


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