Storage Shelves Benefits in Manufacturing Industry

An automated environment proves to be effective in the manufacturing sector. Vertical Storage Shelves within the Lean-Lift create ease and efficiency in the workplace, storing a variety of part sizes and making them readily available with multiple access points across the warehouse.


vertical storage shelves


Industry Benefits:
  • Save up to 90% of your warehouse floor space by using vertical storage shelves.
  • Multiple access points can be opened for teams to retrieve all parts and tools quickly, along with the option of multiple loading points.
  • Complete stock control logging user activities in your Hänel systems.
  • Total integration with your Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Protect all components from environmental damage.
  • Access areas can be put in to place for retrieving bulk storage of electrical spares, mechanical components and/or engineering accessories.
Industry Applications:
  • Store items together in the one place for the entire team.
  • Find and select the smallest electrical components with Pick-to-Light technology.
  • Store parts by batch and/or part numbers.

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