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    Proudly representing Hänel and STOPA with Australia-wide Service & Support

Innovative Automated Vertical Storage and Retrieval Systems

Founded in 1949 and acquired by the Kloé family in 1979, Headland Machinery is an Australian owned and operated company, with a strong history of supplying and servicing machinery to a range of industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Headland Machinery is honoured to be part of the worldwide trusted Hänel network. Established in 1953 Hänel is now one of the world’s largest, most respected manufacturers of storage and organisation systems – now represented in over 60 countries.

With Hänel certified technicians in our offices across Australia and New Zealand, at Headland we proudly support customers with quality, reliable automated vertical storage and retrieval systems.

We believe in providing prompt and dependable customer service to keep you up and running. By mirroring Hänel’s high standards throughout all areas of the order process, from comprehensive consultations to quality implementations and after-sales support, Headland strives to build strong relationships with our clients, nurturing you every step of the way.

Hänel and STOPA vertical storage rack systems carry several advantages:

  • One of a Kind: The only machine of it’s kind that doesn’t require scheduled maintenance.
  • Return on Investment – Both storage systems have a quick ROI with a low ongoing cost of ownership. The machines have a long service life and are easily transportable.
  • Floor Space Reduction – Utilisation of vertical space provides huge reductions in floor space, with lifts available up to 20m high.
  • Improved Inventory Management – Reduced stock loss, making stock taking easier.
  • Increased Productivity – Stock retrieval and replenishment becomes more efficient using the Hänel lift; requested items are brought to the ergonomic retrieval height in seconds.
  • Reduced Workplace Injuries – With an improved OHS Environment, staff can work in non-forklift zones and retrieve and replenish stock at a suitable height; eliminating reaching up, bending down and lifting.
  • Security – Stock can be securely stored using ID/pincode access, with the option of a fire retardant door available.
Hanel Lean Lift

Hänel Lean-Lift®

An automated vertical lift storage solution tailored to your needs:

  • Provide you with over 60% more space by using available room height up 20m or more, for storage.
  • Increase productivity, with stock retrieval and replenishment becoming faster and more efficient.
  • Reduce workplace injuries by eliminating reaching up, bending down and lifting.
Hanel Rotomat vertical carousel storage

Hänel Rotomat®

An economic and efficient vertical storage carousel:

  • Guarantee a return on investment due to their long service life and low maintenance.
  • Provide secure storage of parts, products and documentation, with ID or pin code access.
  • Reduce floor space by using vertical space up to ceiling height.
stopa compact universal series

Sheet Metal Storage

STOPA offers a range of storage solutions specifically designed for sheet metal storage with the manufacturing industry in mind.

High flexibility due to modular design and software linkage:

  • Can integrate with Software Management System or ERP system to ensure smooth operations.
  • Can store a wide variety of materials with differing formats, stacking heights and payloads.
  • The Storage and Retrieval Unit is equipped with a plug-in manual control for the service mode.

Bar Storage

STOPA presents efficient space utilisation, maximising storage capacity.

Compact arrangement – perfect operability:

  • Up to 1,000 cassettes can be placed within the storage unit in a space-saving manner.
  • This high-performance system is designed for linkage with several machines having a corresponding workflow.
  • Custom system heights available on request


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