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Partner of the Year Award from Mr. Jochem Hänel

For the past 10 years, Alan Barratt has been a representative of Hänel Storage, warehouse automation and management systems for Headland.

Alan has received one of the highest honours from Mr. Jochem Hanel. He was awarded ‘Partner of the Year’, a prize that recognises the contributions, dedication and achievements of an individual. This award has only been handed out four times prior, so it is a great privilege to be the recipient.

The Partner of the Year Award for 2014 was presented to Alan, for his exceptional service, loyalty and dedication as a motivated sales manager. Mr Hänel summed up Alan in one sentence, “a true Hänel man at heart.”

This personal recognition is a great achievement, which has provided Alan with great humility and drive to succeed.

Congratulations Alan!

Headland partner of the year award

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