80% Floor Space Saved and Picking Speed Improved at System Control Engineering Australia

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“It was either relocate or go vertical” – System Control Engineering chooses Hänel industrial shelving solution and sees noticeable improvements in picking speed and 80% floor space saved.”

As real estate prices continue to increase and space becomes very limited in built-up areas, finding the right solution to store products for distribution can be difficult. For System Control Engineering, this was a real scenario General Manager, Scott Rimes had to grapple with.

System Control Engineering pride themselves on supplying popular brands to customers throughout Australia. Supplying parts to well-known businesses like Reece, Tradelink and more, they distribute plumbing and gas supply parts and equipment.

With close to 50 years in the industry and now part of the Legend Corporation, this family business have realised the benefits of going vertical.

Scott Rimes, General Manager at System Control Engineering says the company prides itself on supplying the very best brands to their customers.

“Product quality and branding is important to us,” Scott says.

“That’s why we chose Hänel because it’s a reputable German brand. As a wholesaler and distributor, System Control Engineering became concerned about space in their warehouse. Scott says, “it was either relocate or go vertical”.

“We decided to implement a vertical storage system because we were limited with space,” he says

“What’s great about Hänel is its ability to save space on our factory floor.”

“The fact that we don’t have to use a forklift anymore is great, it means we can operate the machinery and pick our items in a safer way,” Scott says.

Hänel vertical storage systems is renowned for its industrial shelving systems. They are high-tech, organisational systems that saves time and costs.

Some of the benefits Hänel industrial shelving systems has provided Systems Control includes:
  • 80% floor space saved by utilising room height.
  • Ergonomic retrieval process, bringing the item to reach level.
  • Ability to expand and alter storage capacity at any time.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Increased product security and reduction in stock loss.
  • Noticeable improvements in pick speeds.
  • Estimating an increase of about 30%.

Another great benefit is a reduction in dust in the warehouse compared to older methods of racking.

“All items that come out of the Hänel are dust free.”

“Our older racking methods meant all of our products were out in the open and most of the time they would be covered in dust,” he says.

Alan Barratt, General Manager of Storage at Headland Machinery, says working with System Control Engineering and providing them with the right solution for their need has been fantastic.

“Hänel have been around for close to 60 years, so to be able to provide the company with technology that is reliable and has the benefits of saving space is great.

“System Control Engineering have been able to achieve their goal of increasing productivity because of the efficiency of the automated storage systems,” he says.

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