Ralph D’Silva Holden Saved 75% Floor Space With Hänel Vertical Carousel

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Hänel Lean-Lift


Preston, VIC


Ralph D’Silva Holden was founded 25 years ago. As a Holden car dealership, it is essential for their spare parts division to ensure that they always have the correct parts in stock, while providing prompt delivery for their customers.

Like many warehouse businesses, racking systems are crucial to storage. However, Ralph D’Silva Holden found difficulties with their warehouse storage solution; it took too long to find parts and they suffered from issues with stock loss.

Mark Jones, Spare Parts Manager for Ralph D’Silva Holden, says the dealership’s racking took up a great deal of space, posing a dilemma for the company. In 2007, a Hänel Lean-Lift was installed at the dealership to provide a warehouse storage solution. The lift assisted with picking speed, consequently saving floor space and solving the issue of moving to another warehouse.

“As a service business, our main focus is to keep our customers happy. With our racking systems, finding spare parts for customers took a long time and we always had issues with stock loss,” Mark says.


“Once the Lean-Lift was installed, we were able to reduce floor space by about 75% and we increased our part picking by well over 60%. The best thing was that we didn’t have to move premises, which meant significant savings for the company.”

The Hänel Lean-Lift utilises a vertical carousel, which enables businesses to save on floor space, while increasing picking efficiency. The ease of use and reliability of the Lean-Lift contribute to the key reasons that businesses choose Hänel, and the German manufacturing quality of the machines ensures that there is minimal maintenance. Choose the Hänel Lean-Lift to transform your warehouse storage solution.

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