AstralPool Increases Picking Efficiency by 40% with Hänel Vertical Storage Systems.

AstralPool Australia provides top quality equipment for commercial and private swimming pools and spas. Under the Hurlcon name in the 1990s, AstralPool began manufacturing gas pool heaters. The business has grown to over 200 members of staff and they are now one of Australia’s leading suppliers of swimming pool and spa products.

In October 2016, AstralPool installed two Lean-Lifts. With Hänel vertical storage systems, picking efficiency has now increased by 40%. The installation of the Lean-Lifts meant that the number of staff members in this department has been reduced from five down to one, with the remaining staff being redeployed into other areas of the warehouse.

Prior to the installation of the Hänel vertical storage systems, AstralPool used traditional racking which took up a vast amount of floor space. As the business is rapidly growing, they moved to a new warehouse in Keysborough with the view to reduce floor space. Since installing the two Lean-Lifts, floor space used has decreased by over 150 square meters.

Combined with the Lean-Lifts, AstralPool use MultiPick software for high speed picking. There may only be 50-60 orders per day, but these orders can range from 5000+ SKUs to more. MultiPick software allows for quick and reliable access during pick and put operations and the program manages storage locations, articles, tools, stock and orders.

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