How We Helped Coburg Truck Parts With New Vertical Storage Carousels?

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Automotive and Construction


Industrial Rotomat


Campbellfield and Sunshine West, VIC


Coburg Truck Parts was established in 1957 and has rapidly expanded over the years. With such an increase in size, it was essential for them to seek new technology to aid their business and install new vertical storage carousels.

Hänel is synonymous with German quality and their vertical storage carousels have enabled businesses like Coburg Truck Parts to actively increase their floor space and improve efficiency.

Paul Williams, Warehouse Manager at Coburg Truck Parts, discusses the main issue the company faced: a lack of factory floor space.

“All of our small parts were on racks, which took up a lot of space,” he says.

“It used to take us a long time to find parts with our previous systems and we used to keep our customers waiting.”

“As our racking systems slowed us down, we decided to install a Hänel vertical storage machine in our factory. With this, we have saved about 60% floor space and have improved our picking efficiency by about 60%,” Paul says.

The vertical storage carousel installed at Coburg Truck Parts is a Hänel Industrial Rotomat, an ergonomic organisational system that can be tailored to suit different businesses needs.

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