Company Details

Aerospace, Defence and Commercial


2460-825 Lean-Lifts


Tullamarine, VIC


Cambridge Technologies began in 1977 and what started in a garage with two staff has now grown to have 12 staff in Melbourne with further locations in France, Switzerland and Texas.

With 75% of their business made up of servicing the aerospace and defence sectors, Cambridge Technologies had to look to new technology to keep up with demanding industries.

Linton Ralph, Sales & Marketing Director at Cambridge Technologies says their racking systems caused a lot of inefficiencies and they found that stock was being misplaced.

“It took forever to find parts with our racking so we needed a better solution,” Linton says.

“As a business we are always looking to new innovative products, and having such products in stock benefits our customers as they demand fast turnaround times.”

“The Hänel Lean-Lift has helped us with stock take and we have reduced our floor space by 75%.”


“We love the machine as it’s very user friendly and reliable, in fact we are now looking at further machines in the very near future,” he says.

The key benefits of the Hänel Lean Lift is its ability to use factory room height, allowing you to save in precious factory floor space. Cambridge Technologies immediately recognised the benefits offered by Hänel storage Systems